Make the White House Great Again PAC Funds WHITEHOUSE.ORG Satire for Democracy and Freedom

Los Angeles, CA, May 13, 2017 – Make The White House Great Again PAC is the country's first-fully functional SuperPac dedicated to satire of the Trump era right-wing on behalf of progressive causes like free speech, reproductive rights, and universal healthcare. The SuperPAC is the main fundraiser for WHITEHOUSE.ORG, the Internet’s most notorious and award-winning political parody ever. 

Make The White House Great Again is the only anti-SuperPAC SuperPAC founded by Emmy®-winning late night TV vets, Sundance®-honored filmmakers, and writers from hit websites and major national magazines (full identities available upon subpoena). The SuperPAC is devoted to underwriting the efforts of inspired progressive subversives everywhere.

According to Super PAC Treasurer, Anna Liza Bella, “We believe the best way to fight Donald J. Trump and his deluded cabal of alt-reality supporters is to mercilessly lampoon them with subversive counterprogramming, distributed across all media platforms and extending onto the streets and front lines of the resistance. Make The White House Great Again PAC will work with other PACs and progressive organizations and non-profits to organize events and campaigns, amplify important messages and helping raise funds for groups fighting for the rights of all Americans.”


About Make The White House Great Again PAC

Support for this SuperPAC will go to funding the following types of initiatives:

  • Produce satirical anti-Trump non-video content optimized for social media

  • Produce satirical anti-Trump video content for social media

  • Producing satirical political issue specific non-video and video content for social media

  • Produce satirical "attack ads" for national and local campaigns

  • Produce satirical ads for organizations on national and local levels.

  • Organize marches, petitions, and other direct actions with the dual mission of entertaining and creating change. 



From 2001 to 2009, WHITEHOUSE.ORG (archived here) so antagonized the Executive Branch, the Bush Administration even tried to shut it down. They did not succeed, and America took notice.

   - "A minor triumph of counterprogramming" – New York Times
   - "In" – Vanity Fair
   - "Remarkable" – ESQUIRE
   - "Spot-On" – BBC
   - "Hysterical! Searing political parody!" – CNN
   - "Brilliantly ham-fisted." – TIME