The Back Story

Make The White House Great Again was founded in 2017 by the creative team behind WHITEHOUSE.ORG, the Internet’s most notorious and award-winning political parody. From 2001 to 2009, WHITEHOUSE.ORG (archived here) so antagonized the Executive Branch, the Bush Administration even tried to shut it down. They did not succeed, and America took notice.

   - "A minor triumph of counterprogramming" – New York Times
   - "In" – Vanity Fair
   - "Remarkable" – ESQUIRE
   - "Spot-On" – BBC
   - "Hysterical! Searing political parody!" – CNN
   - "Brilliantly ham-fisted." – TIME

Make The White House Great Again is dedicated to super-sizing and crowdsourcing mockery of right-wing lunacy for the Trump era. Helmed by Emmy®-winning late night TV vets, Sundance®-honored filmmakers, and writers from hit websites and major national magazines (full identities available upon subpoena), we are devoted to underwriting the efforts of inspired progressive subversives everywhere. Because while "Fake news” may have brought America to the precipice of destruction, together we can prove that EVEN FAKER POLITICS can be its salvation. Sound good? Join us.